Artist Statement

My photographic process is intended to surprise and delight while revealing
the humorous, the subtle and the unexpected in nature as well as in our
human experience.

In my photographic art I seek to discover the extraordinary among the every
day events we all experience as life unfolds around us. Whether I am
snapping multiple photos to capture a moment of magic to use in my
photographic art or finding something humorous on the other side of the lens,
it is my intention to reveal to the viewer that which would otherwise be

The experiences of life encompasses such intricacies it is only in the images
captured on film where we begin to see the subtle stories being told;
moments that occur in the blink of an eye and then vanish forever.

By capturing these stories in my photography, they can be enjoyed and retold
repeatedly. My goal as a photographer is to delight the viewer and share
these unexpected moments with a broad audience.


Dayton K received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of
Denver. She graduated from the Artist Trust EDGE Professional
Development 2008 and her award winning abstract photographic
art, as well as her paintings, sculpture, and calligraphy are in both public and
private collections throughout the U.S

Most recently Dayton's photographic art has been exhibited in the Pacific
Northwest in galleries, juried and solo shows, and various artwalks
throughout the region. Her work also appears in a number of books and

A Word About My Art

It is my belief that abstract art has attempted to challenge our views of the natural world and
encourages us to stretch our imagination and move beyond what is "known" by its non-
representational qualities. I have been working with the dynamic of what I term "abstracted
nature" for a number of years. My art is non-representational abstract art with a twist.

My abstract art is completely the natural world in the sense that all my images are what I have
seen and photographed in the physical world around me. I have not manipulated these images
electronically except to provide a seamless fusing, remove any dust or flaws and crop the images
when needed. The final piece has been created by juxtaposing reflections of the original image.
This mirrored effect instantly alters what is familiar to us in nature, and it is in this newly created
altered image that unique abstractions of the natural world emerge.

Upon viewing the new image, we intellectually realize this representation of nature has been
present all along, we just haven't quite seen it (although I believe we often sense it). My work then
becomes a way to represent actual reality, as opposed to paint on a canvas, using a truly distinct
method. Unlike other mediums used to create abstract art, in my work when confronted with an
"abstract" image from the natural world, we actually experience the existence of a completely
unique expression of nature itself. This elevation of nature serves to alert our sensibilities
resulting in a heightened awareness of the natural abstractions that surround us in our everyday

Over 20 years of exploring nature in this way has given me an immense appreciation for nature's
many expressions behind the "veil".

The original image is the
pod of a banana plant
growing in a cultivated
yard in Barra de
Navidad, Mexico.

Tropical Delight
becomes a colorful
abstract image.
Tropical Delight - Dayton K
Copyright 2007-2010 Dayton Karen Knipher. All rights reserved.
Original image

Dayton K Knipher
Abstract Photographic Artist